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The Low Down

Don't worry, babe. Here's all the deets.

+ What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel good! Just keep your arms and legs bare. You'll need the skin to grip the pole.

Please do not  wear any jewelry, lotion, or oils on the day of your pole lesson. 

+ What if I can't even touch my toes?

The beautiful thing about pole is that you can start without ANY strength or ANY flexibility. Our beginner courses and classes are specifically designed to accommodate ANYONE. Just bring your pretty self and a good attitude!

+ What should I bring?

You'll need a yoga mat for the warm up, drinking water, and a cloth or rag to clean your pole. Washcloths are sold in studio for $3 each and water bottles for $2 each.

+ How do I get my First Time Freebie?

Select the "NEW CLIENT SPECIAL" bundle during checkout! Valid ONLY for first timers for Drop In Classes only and does not apply to Open Pole Sessions, Workshops, Special Events, or 4 Week Courses.

+ Can I bring my own heels?

Yes! Bring your favorite dancing heels! If you're not into that, you can go barefoot or wear some cute knee high socks.

+ Do your poles have a weight limit?

No, they don't have a weight limit.

+ My friend just wants to watch and take pictures. Do they still have to pay?

+ What about registration & rescheduling?

Yes. All guests in the building must be paid for. We do not allow spectators. It's more fun when your friends are doing it with you anyway! Plus, you'll have a few minutes at the end of your class for a few pictures or videos. And yes, we can totally accommodate your pregnant friend so she can register too.

All sessions must be preregistered and paid through our booking link.

Registration and Rescheduling period for both 4 Week Courses and Drop In Classes can only be done 4 hours prior to the start time by logging into your online profile.

All sales are final. No person to person transfers or substitutions.

Just a quick but important note:

Please be aware that just like in any other physical activity, you are assuming some risk by participating. We take the upmost pride in our facility and our instruction, but ultimately, some things are out of our control. 


If a guest arrives to a session visibly intoxicated, we will kindly refuse participation.

Late Policy: Entry passed 10 mins will NOT be permitted. Missing the warm up can greatly increase your risk of injury during class. 


You Ready?

Buy one Drop In Class, the next one's on us.

It's that simple.

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