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Welcome to Sunday School

A meticulously curated 4 Week Workshop specifically designed for both active and aspiring SWorkers to decompress, grow, and thrive.

What To Expect

One of my favorite things about “going out” is the day after recap of inside jokes and highlights of the night before. It’s an experience that shares vibes with The dressing room at the end of a night. 


Imagine meeting with your Sugar Sisters to do something nice for your body, recap your work week, share your wins, and develop your SW business. That’s what Sworker Sunday School is. Whether you are an Ally considering a SW journey of your own, or a seasoned professional, this program designed for you to decompress, grow, and thrive in the SW industry alongside community. 


Take what you need: Each week will focus on restorative movement, sales development, and pole/flow. You may come to one session, or all four; although each week we approach from different angles. This course is extremely limited to allow personalized attention to each participant. 


Bring your journal, yoga mat, blocks, pole grip, heels (if you want), hand towels, water, tripod, Lisa Frank trapper-keeper, and whatever else you think you may need. 


Let’s build friendships and make money together.


Please email to inquire about cost, more information,

and workshop registration.

Courtney Lapresi   (@theposhtart)

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