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Let's Party!

Here's everything you and your guests need to know

+ What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel sexy! Just keep your arms and legs bare. You'll need the skin to grip the pole.

Please do not  wear any jewelry, lotion, or oils on the day of your party. 

+ Can I bring my own food and drink?

We do not allow outside food or drinks inside the building (except water). If you want fabulous refreshments, we recommend our Boss Party or Elite Party. We also take care of all set up and clean up! 

+ Can I bring my own heels?

Yes! Bring your favorite dancing heels! If you're not into that, you can go barefoot or wear some sexy knee high socks.

+ My friend just wants to watch and take pictures. Do they still have to pay?

Yes. All guests in the building must be paid for. We do not allow spectators. Don't worry though! We have plenty of time for photos and videos, and we can help your momma or grammy get down too. And yes, we can totally accommodate your pregnant friend.

+ Do your poles have a weight limit?

No, they don't have a weight limit.

+ Can I book extra time to set up/decorate?

No. We do not allow extra time for set up, as our studio is designed to be photo ready, so no decorating is needed! If you'd like to add more time or customizations, we recommend upgrading your party package. 


Terms & Conditions

The not-so-sexy stuff but you should still know about it


1. Non refundable deposit ($100 for Perfect and Boss Parties, $300 for Elite Parties) is due at booking to reserve your spot and will be applied towards your balance.
2. Price includes minimum amount of guests, but we welcome as many people as you'd like. The cost per additional person is indicated under your chosen party tier.
3. We will contact you on the Tuesday before your party to confirm details and send a link for the balance. The balance is due the Wednesday prior to your party. If the balance is unpaid, the party is subject to a $25 late payment fee OR cancellation.

4. Rescheduling is subject to a $50 rebooking fee.
5. Parties booked less than 48 hours in advance subject to a $50 late booking fee.
6. Parties cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your party will forfeit the deposit.
7. A damage fee of $150 at minimum will be assessed for damages to the studio. This includes cleaning beyond basic expectations.

8. Gratuity for your instructor is NOT included and is greatly appreciated.


1. Please refrain from wearing rings, lotions or oils the day of your party.
2. Tardiness cuts into your booked time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your party will be considered a no show. If you are late, your party's end time remains the same.
3. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early, as the instructor may not be able to begin your check in.
4. No food or drink is permitted inside the studio (except water).
5. No shoes may be worn inside the studio unless you elect to wear heels for your lesson or party. No exceptions. 
6. No spectators. Everyone must be a paying guest.
7. For Elite Parties, please bring your playlist. We can plug your phone into our sound system!
8. Bringing more people than the minimum? No problem! That cost is the same per head as your chosen party tier.
9. Bringing fewer than the minimum? No problem! We must charge the minimum price.​

You'll get all this info again in an email after you book your party.

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